Thursday, August 8, 2013

Noel Vincent (poem)

by kuya ef[1]

[In loving memory of Fr. Noel Vincent Billones Abalajon Jr.,
beloved brother and friend]

Nineteen eighty-one, April twenty-seventh
The year our Blessed Pope was here with us present
God in His wisdom fashioned a seed from Abraham’s descent
Out of love, a child was born, first fruit of Daphne and Noel Vincent.

Noel Vincent Billones Abalajon Junior
Who would dare smear your beauty and splendor
Molded to perfection by the loving hand of our Creator
Your tender presence always brought us special joy and honor.

Your Mom & Dad rejoiced in your presence
Delighted to see you grow and glow in excellence
You’ve honored them with your rare gift of intelligence
Sheltered them with the warmth of your love and innocence.

Jon Mark, Brian, Paula & Pamela: how blest are they
To have Manoy Junjun who cares that they don’t go astray
Your love sees them through even though you may be far away
Showing them the way lest their hopes and dreams fade in disarray.

At first, I thought, you were such a little child
Everything seems light and alive with you by our side
Soon I realized that your heart has not been spoiled by pride
Tho’ your genius stuns us and your goodness resounds far and wide.

As we look for a companion along the way
We’d find in you a brother and friend without dismay
Sharing with our weaknesses and strengths each night and day   
Your care, laughter and prayer journey with us every step of the way.

Two thousand and nine, Feast of St. John of the Cross
You were chosen among many, anointed priest of our Lord Jesus
With Dexter Sontillano, Anthony Bautista and Ryan Francis Barrios
You were blessed to share yourselves to others, to be selfless and generous.

In the seminary you served with genuine dedication
Zealously cared to better things and bring them to fruition
To seminarians, teachers and personnel, you’re such an inspiration 
A gentle agent of harmony even to fellow priests in the task of formation.

With you, Monsignor Joe feels light at the Chancery
Because everything you do excels in hard work and charity
Clergy, religious and laity find joy with your great sense of duty
Deeply struck in their hearts by your childlike charm and generosity.

Thank you for being so generous and nice
We were blessed to witness with our hearts and eyes
Your brand of service quite peculiar to the great and the wise
Like our Lord Jesus, you’re selfless and generous to make the sacrifice.

September, Two thousand-twelve, we came to know
About the deadly cancer that caused you pain and sorrow
Smile never left your face and your firm hope even made it glow
Your faith shone in suffering which made you see the Bliss of Tomorrow.

 T’was breath-taking how we held on to our toes
Watching you suffer made us clasp our hands so close
Holding together with our love and hope had made us pause
Begging God Almighty to show mercy to His precious little rose.

Yet you neither suffered nor died in vain 
For the Mystery of the Cross shone forth in your pain
Even to die at the age of our Lord Jesus was your privileged gain
To attain Paradise where fullness of freedom and glory eternally reign.

Our words run short and can’t fully express
Your resplendent truth shown in beauty and goodness
Yet your love radiates to make us glimpse at your greatness
Leaving us honored and grateful to have shared of your blessedness.

Farewell, our beloved brethren and friend
Take with you our love to the blissful life without end
Pray for us that we may stride this valley of tears till we amend
Till we reach Heaven and witness the voices of the saints and angels blend.

~ fine ~

[1] Kuya Ef is yours truly, Fr. Francis B. Payo. Fr. Noel Vincent B. Abalajon Jr. used to call me fondly Kuya Ef when we were together at the UST Central Seminary.

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