Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Gloomy Tuesday Morning

Over the bustling city streets, dark cloud is covering the sky and threatening to pour down its acid rain. This will surely make people on the sideways run for shelter. Though there is a big chance of rain, there is still the absence of the comforting wind that will somehow take away the oppressive heat that we usually feel during summer. I hate this kind of weather. Rainy days make me feel so down and depressed. And so I lie down on my bed trying to think of cheerful memories but still darkness comes falling down upon me. So I reach for my cell phone and look for someone who will be able to give me some comfort in this time of ennui. Then, I see her number and call her up.

“Hi. What a crappy day, right? Will you please put a smile on my face?”

“What’s happening? Do you think I am a clown who can easily cheer you up? Tell me what’s wrong my dear.”

“It’s just the weather. You know I hate this kind of weather.”

“So, what’s in your mind?”

“Nothing really. I am having one of those “what if’s” moments. I am just wondering, what if I did not enter the convent, will I be a good partner/husband to my girlfriend/wife?”

“I think you will be. What you’ve entered in to is a serious thing. It needs your total commitment. And so far, I guess, you are doing really great. You already made that choice and so you have to stand your ground. I know it’s hard but what I can see is you are coping up pretty well. You will be a good husband just as you are working hard to become a good brother. Well then again, we will never know. I am really proud of you and always will be.”

“Thank you for that. You really are a shoulder to lean on. Well, I guess, I just have to live the life I have freely chosen. I know and I feel God is always with me in this journey. Sometimes, I can’t help not to think of these things. You know how I wished to have a family of my own before. You were part of it. And I am sorry for what happened.”

“We had our share of good times. I was hurt but now I understand. You are called for something higher and nobler. And you cannot accomplish it with me clinging on to you. Don’t worry about me, my dear. I can say I am happily married now and I am fully committing myself to my husband. I know you are happy for me too.”

“Yes, I am, my dear. Thank you again. And thank you for making me realize that I really need to be dedicated to what I professed. Commitment is hard but it is in committing ourselves that we truly become free.”

“Indeed my dear, indeed…”

 It’s just the weather…


BR. REYNOR E. MUNSAYAC, O.P. is a student-brother of the Dominican Province of the Philippines. He is studying Theology at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Special, Gratitude, Understanding, Faith, Short Story, Religious Life

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